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A Simply Beautiful White Silk Scarf Pinned with a Silk Flower! Exquisite!

February 21st, 2011 by violette

Scarf Styled by Tricia James

This is a large off white gauzy raw silk scarf. It is a 3 ft x 6 ft rectangle. It is artfully draped and tied by my friend, International Scarf and Accessories Stylist, Tricia James.

Tricia has endless ideas and techniques for using the accessory pieces you already have and those you might buy! She is an absolute wizard when it comes to tying scarves.

We are embarking upon documenting her styles in photographs and video. And we will be writing instructions on how to do it yourself. She created 6 looks for me out of this one white scarf!  She also showed me how to use other items I already have to accent it and create different looks. In this particular case – the white silk flower pinned to the shawl with a pearl headed corsage pin.

This is so light, airy and romantic! I just love it! Perfect Lady Violette Styling! It also reminds me of a romantic poet’s shirt! And that is a look I have always loved!

This week I will make 6 different blog posts showing this scarf in each of it’s different renditions. Tricia is returning on Wednesday and we will write instructions illustrated with photographs on how to wrap and tie this or any similar large rectangular scarf or Pashima to achieve  this stunning effect. You can try it then and let me know if it is clear to follow and works.

We are achieving these elegant photographic effects in my kitchen corner nook! The only place in the house with strong enough natural light! Sometimes I actually enjoy the challenge of seeing how nice I can make something look with the most limited or restricted of resources – such as a completely bare bones photographic set up or a very inexpensive item picked up in a thrift shop and made to look amazing, original and expensive.

In this case the white scarf we have used came from a thrift store. It was $2  and was completely clean. It looked as if it had never been used. The silk flower was $7.50 at my local sewing supply store. I believe beautiful items like this scarf end up in thrift stores because people receive them as gifts or buy them without understanding how to use them. Sometimes, as in this case, this becomes a lucky find for the clever thrift store shopper. That illustrates the thrill of the hunt!

Consider this photo a little preview of things to come! More scarves, more ideas on how to wear them, more technical advice on how to wrap and tie them. And more from and about the scarf styling expert! Tricia James is


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