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Dorothy Lamour – The Queen of Flowers in The Hair!

February 20th, 2011 by violette

Dorothy Lamour Lounging in Tropical Floral Sarong with a Large Flower in Her Hair!

Singer and actress Dorothy Lamour was as famous for her personal style and use of flowers as for her talent and her beauty!

Her signature looks included sarongs, dresses and gowns featuring tropical flower prints in bright floral colors and tropical print swimsuits.

Dorothy  often wore her long wavy brown hair decorated with real flowers. She also wore leis as necklaces regularly. Large flowers were used to great effect as accents in many Hollywood  Glamor studio publicity  photos taken of her.

She continues to inspire us today with her feminine grace and elegant taste.

Her costumes are a great source of  ideas for styling vintage inspired fashion looks today.

I am determined to learn to tie scarves into halter tops, scarves into long skirts and sarong “dresses”  like she did in time for the upcoming summer!  I find that putting a picture like this up inspires me to think about finding an appropriate piece of floral patterned fabric or a large silk scarf and practicing my scarf ties!

I will be asking my friend Tricia James, the International Scarf Stylist,  to show me tips on tying and wearing sarongs soon! And of course I will post them so we can all wear them this summer!


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