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Four Ways to Tie and Wear a Fabulous Designer Silk 36 Inch Square Scarf

April 1st, 2011 by violette

Step #1 ~ A Square Leonard de Paris Designer Vintage Silk Scarf

I have asked Tricia James, International Scarf Stylist, to show me some ways to wear my designer silk 36″ square scarves. Here is a lovely and unusual vintage Leonard de Paris silk scarf from Lady Violette’s private collection. This scarf is unique because the designer’s name and signature are in the center of the scarf. They are usually placed in  one corner so that it is easier to drape and tie them while showing the designer’s name.

I love this scarf because it features many beautiful flowers in the design and they are positioned inside a central heart. The violet has cordate heart shaped leaves. As my name, Violette de Courcy literally means violet of the heart and I am a lover of flowers this design really appeals to me! It is very personal!

Tricia told me she could show me how to easily make one fold into four wearable styles!

Step #1) Begin by opening the scarf out in a big square.

Step #2 ~ Fold Scarf in Half







Step #2) Fold the scarf in Half as shown, In this case we decided to fold this scarf down through the vertical center of the big heart making a rectangular shape.



Step #3 ~ The Proper Way to Hold the Scarf to Make the W Fold.








Step #3) Next, in order to make a W fold, hold the Left Upper corner of the scarf up in your Left hand, while taking the Right lower corner in your Right hand. Next, hold the scarf away from your body so that the Right upper side of the scarf falls behind thus creating the  W fold…



Step #4 ~ Voila! You Have Now Created The W Fold






Step #4) Thus folding the rectangular shape half folded scarf into a W shaped fold as Tricia shows.



Step #5 ~ Position W Scarf Around Your Neck.









Step #5) Place the W folded scarf around your neck as shown on the mannequin bringing the two corner ends to  the center front.



Step #6 ~ Tie a Simple Double Knot








Step #6) Tie the two pointed ends by tying them once, then again, thus forming a simple secure double knot.

Tricia says, “No fancy hard to tie knots here!”



Step #7 ~ Style 1 of 4: The Sailor Collar ~ C'est Fini!








Step # 7) You have created a lovely Sailor Collar out of the scarf, like the collars on midi blouses. This is a classic French looking style!

This is Style # 1 of the four styles from one fold ~ the W fold.

Step #8 ~ What the Sailor Collar Looks Like From the Back







Step #8) Just so you’ll know, this is what the Sailor Collar scarf tie looks like from the back.



Step #9 ~ Style 2 of 4: The French Bandana







Step #9) Simply rotate your already tied scarf around on your neck so that the knot is resting stylishly on one shoulder and the point is hanging down the front. This is another stylish and classic look I call the French Bandana.

This is beauty is Style #2 of the four from one fold ~ the W fold.


Step #10 ~ Style 3 of 4: The Draped Cowl






Step # 10) To create a flattering draped cowl rotate the already tied scarf so that the knot is in the center back and adjust the scarf so that a point is spreading out over each shoulder and a pretty cowl effect is formed in the front.  This is called The Draped Cowl. It looks lovely over a dress or blouse as shown and is a fabulous neck filler for a jacket or coat.

The Draped  Cowl is Style #3 of the four from one fold ~ the W fold.



Step #11 ~ Style 4 of 4: The Scarf Necklace






Step # 11)  To create what we call The Scarf Necklace which is really like a jeweled necklace but made of beautiful colorful silk , simply roll the cloth sections from each shoulder toward the center by turning them under and smoothing them with your hands until you have achieved an attractive draped ring of soft fabric around your neck.

The Scarf Necklace is Style #4 of the four from one fold ~ the W fold


I am delighted to have learned how to use my favorite scarf now! Perhaps you have a huge square designer silk scarf languishing in a drawer that you would like to use too! I know many people receive them as special gifts and are often at a loss as to how to wear them. Hopefully this will give you some ideas to try on.

Visit Ticia James at Scarfgenie .com


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