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Green Vintage Jewels & Creative Ways to Wear Them for Saint Patrick’s Day

March 17th, 2011 by violette

Green Vintage Costume jewelry

Interesting ways to combine and wear vintage costume jewelry. On the right side mannequin ~ 4 long strands of green glass beads from the flapper era, art deco crane pendant as pin on right shoulder strap, along with crystal brooch, square art deco crane pendant on decorative chain of short necklace. All from the 1920’s.

Middle mini mannequin ~ tear drop shaped Czech glass “jade” pendant suspended from  4 chains.

On table ~ Large celluloid flamenco hair comb set with emerald green glass rhinestones, from the 1840’s. Two 1920’s thin celluloid bracelets ~ one set with green glass rhinestones, the other with blue ones. Large clip earrings from the 1940s ~ made of mottled green glass cabochons, glass pearls and glass “amethysts,” in base metal settings.

The 1940’s bracelet that matches those large green glass cabochon clip earrings is fastened around the shoulder of the velvet sleeveless blouse on the left side mannequin. I have found this to be a glamorous and unique way that I can wear bracelets that I like but that are too big for my small wrists! I also sometimes use large clip earrings such as the cabochons shown as dress clips.

I often like unusual and dramatic pieces of vintage jewelry but they are too big for my small wrists or my tiny earlobes so I find another place to wear it. This dilemma has resulted in my developing some original personal looks that are mine alone which is always a good thing!

I recommend trying jewelry out in all kinds of ways because you never know what new way you might discover to wear it! The large fringed scarf/shawl draped over the shoulder is also jeweled and embroidered with metallic gold thread and pearls. It makes a lovely evening shoulder wrap and is so large it can also be wrapped and tied as a long sarong skirt or a short sarong dress!

How you present yourself and wear your clothes and accessories is a performance art. How you put yourself together is a feminine art!

Men can practice this for themselves too as a masculine art. There are as many fabulous opportunities for styling men’s clothes out there as there are for women. I hope to eventually be able to blog about those as well! Because a lot of men need help. The first thing they need to do is care about how they look and what they wear. Today they should wear a little something green! For Saint Patrick and for the plant!

Everybody, you are supposed to wear a little something green today so you don’t get pinched!


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