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Green ~ by Christian Dior ~ This is one of Lady Violette’s Favorite Quotes

March 17th, 2011 by violette

Green Leaves with Blue~Violet Clematis - Beautiful Nature!

“GREEN ~ It is supposed to be an unlucky color. I think that is entirely wrong. I am supertitious and green has always been very good for me. And it is a lovely color and very elegant.I especially like it combined with blue. It is a color of Nature  and when you follow Nature for your color schemes you can never go far wrong. I love to see green used in every shade and every material  from tweed in the morning to satin in the evening. There is green for everyone and for every complexion.” Christian Dior

I too love the color green and the way it looks with blue. An especially elegant woman I knew growing up always wore Christian Dior navy blue suits with pale blue silk blouses, green shoes and handbag, a green or navy blue hat and oriental jade, diamond and gold jewelry. This combination was her trademark.

Blue Morning Glory with Green Leaves ~ Naturally Gorgeous!


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