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Original Design From Mindy Fradkin Important Hats – Circa 1992 Collection

March 5th, 2011 by violette

The Feather Beret - circa 1992 by Mindy Fradkin Important Hats

This is the dramatic Feather Beret which was one of Mindy Fradkin Important Hats most popular styles. It was designed and produced in 1992, so it is now vintage! I had two ~ this one in green and brown and black feathers on a black base and a beautiful hot pink one with kelly green feathers. The latter was so beautiful that someone stole it! Which, I guess, is the ultimate compliment to the designer, although I was pretty upset about it because I loved it and wanted to wear it more myself! I only got to wear it once and then it mysteriously disappeared! It vanished from a coat check room in a fancy restaurant! Now I keep my hats on all evening until I get home where they will be safe and sound!

Back View of the Feather Beret


MIndy Fradkin designed this hat when she was know primarily at a hat designer. She is now better known as the Princess of WOW! and works full time for The Smile Revolution. She still wears her own hat designs in her work & makes hats for private clients as time permits. You can contact her at

Mindy has some important things to say about hats;

” Hats bring joy to people. They make people smile. For centuries people wore hats. I feel it is innate to wear a hat. I have a whole theory on this…”

“Historically hats were important and that is why I called my company Important Hats…”

“It’s a spiritual thing. In churches, and synagogues people wore hats. Royalty wore them. Donning a headpiece was both spiritual and significant of power and position…”

“The right headpiece on a man, woman or child brings that person recognition and a unique identity, as well as beauty and glamor…”

” In my opinion, taking off the hat, in the 60’s was a downfall of morals in a lot of ways in the society. It was a wonderful time, too, but hats represented civility and the world was changing rapidly.”


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