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An Asian Style Shawl Clip is an Option – Rushing is Not Glamorous! Ever! Relax and Take Your Time, Contemplate Your Options as You Put Yourself Together, Enjoy the Process…

February 21st, 2011 by violette

White Scarf Styled with Japanese Lobster Hair Clip by Tricia James

Here is the same  initial wrap and tie of the white scarf I posted yesterday. Styled by Tricia James. But here she has achieved a completely different look. She has accessorized the shawl with a beautiful black lobster hair clip from Japan that is decorated in a lacquer finish with red flower and a butterfly on a broad black clip underlaid in bright red. This creates an Asian feel of austere elegance. Peace and quiet! Calm! Pure Zen!

I consider the way a scarf or shawl is tied to be an art form. The way a woman presents herself to the world, when she has the time and inclination to do so elegantly styled, is a performance art of sorts.

Of course dressing carefully and artistically takes time. One cannot rush! Rushing is not glamorous. Ever! It makes one feel awful! It is always nice to be able to get ready to go out in a relaxed manner, slowly and methodically. The process is enjoyable then, not rushed and stressful.

I suggest you make yourself a violet or lavender cocktail, and allow yourself a half hour to put yourself together. Relax – and getting ready might just be the most enjoyable part of your evening!

Contrast that idea with the stressful modern practice of rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off to get ready to leave which is just awful! So uncivilized!

I am now going to be gathering up accessories items I barely ever use  – and shawls and scarves I can’t figure out how to tie or drape properly. Barrettes that are too large or heavy or slippery to stay in my hair. Scrunchies I only wore once, headbands and lobster clips. Tricia wittily utilizes all of these varied items in her scarf and shawl styling techniques. Other good additions are finger rings, actual scarf clips, brooches, pins, chains, elastics, feathers and flowers, and all manner of heretofore unusable hair clips that can, hopefully, be redirected to higher and better uses decorating scarves and shawls. Finding out what can be done with them should be great fun!  I will show more of Tricia’s ideas on my blog so keep coming back for more and visit International Scarf Stylist Tricia James at to see what else she is up to.


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