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Vintage Shoes of the Week of Saint Patrick’s Day ~ Green of Course!

Sunday, March 13th, 2011





Green Metalic Leather and Silk Chiffon Evening Sandals

In the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day a fantastic pair of green evening sandals that lace up the leg and tie. These are made of green metallic leather with silk chiffon ribbon ties. I will give a couple of views as they were a bit difficult to photograph! Especially without a model!

These were made by BCBG Max Mara and seem just the thing to wear with a Green Greek Goddess Style Evening Gown.

They are designed to wear crossed over, laced and tied at the ankle like a ballet slipper. Very very sexy shoes!

I found these while vintage shopping and they were not my size! They were a size 9 and 1/2 and I wear a 7 and 1/2 But they were fantastic and in great condition.

From the Front & Center

I had to buy them and I kept them around for a while as pieces of art, then, trying to edit down my shoe collection I sold them on eBay. My criterion being that they didn’t fit me so I should probably part with them.

As usual the woman who bought them got a great bargain and really loved the shoes. And as usual, I miss them! I’m glad she appreciated them though!

I always feel bad when I sell things on eBay and take a total financial loss. These were amazing because of the color and the design. And they have 4 inch heels. They are yummy and precarious and very dangerous to wear! No part of the shoe hugs the foot so there is nothing structurally designed to hold them on. They are what my brother calls danglers, the kind of shoe you wear to the opera and simply dangle your feet in the aisles to be seen for the pleasurable sensual and visual effect. Do not try to walk far or on uneven surfaces, run or dance in them. Because you could get easily hurt! But they would be lovely for a photo shoot! These definitely fall into the category of shoes as primarily art pieces! That is their highest and best use as shoes. And a perfectly justifiable use I might add!