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Violette Fantasies ~ An Exquisite Violet Wedding Kimono, Cake & Dance Dress

August 26th, 2012 by violette

Violet Wedding Kimono

This is one of the most beautiful purple, violet, lilac, wisteria, clematis  inspired ensembles I have ever seen! Just gorgeous!

I do not know anything about the garment except that it is a vintage lightweight summer wedding kimono as that was the only caption I found on the picture.

It is so pretty. I want one!

Violet Flavored Wedding Cake!

And here is a beautiful and delicious purple wedding cake ~ violet flavored of course~ to serve at the reception!

Bottega Veneta Spring 2012

And a modern purple dance dress to wear to the after celebration from the Spring 2012 Bottega Veneta collection. They are one of my favorite design houses.

I am just exploring violet and purple options this evening. Violet is my favorite color of course. The color seems so very rare and exotic but I find that I can locate quite a lot of it in my home, in pictures online, and in stores when I go out shopping. It is also currently being featured in fall 2012 cosmetic collections. That is nothing new. They just like to try to make it seem that way to get you to buy more products.¬† Eye shadows, blushers, check colors, powders and lipsticks are all available in assorted purple and violet shades this fall. I already have a lot of them from past years so I must get mine out and start playing with them again to see what looks I can create. I have plenty of purple makeup products and I do not want to buy more! I’m glad that the media is saying it is a great color though because I have always thought so!


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One Response to “Violette Fantasies ~ An Exquisite Violet Wedding Kimono, Cake & Dance Dress”

  1. seattlesamba says:

    The violet wedding kimono is exquisite – sheer gossamer! Love it. Also interesting how the outer “veil” drapes over the bow of the obi (sash) in back and acts like a scrim for the whole kimono. Also like the lighter vs. deeper tones of violet/lilac. The Bottega Veneta gown is a striking contrast in rich, deep purple, but also with the delicacy/gossamer effect of a delicate outer layer. Great finds!