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The Lady Violette de Courcy Manicures at Christian Dior

October 30th, 2011 by violette

Lady Violettte Half Moon Nails From Christian Dior

A few seasons ago Dior featured pastel versions of the Forties Half Moon manicure. I happened across photos of purple ones today. I am so glad I did! Because I have been looking for a signature manicure to wear with my vintage clothes. I like this done in pastel shades or true colors to match one’s dress. These are commonly seen in red but in the 1930’s they were often done in lighter or brighter colors to match the wearer’s costume. Colors available then were lilac, cornflower blue, emerald green, pink, white, purple, red, even black! It was very important to match your nails to your outfit. So, as usual, with the latest fashions, the look isn’t new. it is just, in this case, revamped.Here are instructions on creating this look. You can do it with a white moon or a white moon and tip as shown in the photo at left from Dior.

The Lady Violette de Courcy Half-moon manicure step-by-step: Prep your nails as usual first and apply a good base coat. Then:

1.    Apply one coat of white over the entire nail and wait for the polish to dry thoroughly.
2.    Stick on a nail guide stencil or use a punched hole reinforcement circle available at office supply stores as a guide to block off the “moon”section of your nail. Also the tip if desired.
3.    Paint two coats of violet polish from the guide to the tip of the nail. Do this in three clean strokes, the middle, then down each side.
4.    When completely dry,(allow about 20 minutes) remove the your stencil or nail guide and finish with a glossy top coat over the entire nail.

The hands in the photo are not mine. They are those of a mysterious Christian Dior model! I’m going to try this look next week and I’ll take a photo and post my version. I feel that the white is too stark a contrast with the violet and I want to try a more subtle color combination. Perhaps palest lavender moons with deep violet as the main color. I will have to go shopping for polish to find a nice combination. It will be in violet shades though!


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