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Suzy Parker in an Amazing Violet Dress ~ Lady Violette’s Dream Ball Gown for the Upcoming Holidays

October 21st, 2011 by violette

Suzy Parker Modeling an Exquisite Violet Ballgown

Suzy was beautiful and glamorous in everything she put on and, modeling for all the top designers on both sides of the Atlantic in the 1950s and 60s, she got to wear some of the most beautiful clothes in fashion history. Because I love violet and ballgowns this has to be one of my favorites. I don’t know who the designer is. I have seen the photo several times and one place said it was done as an ad for Modess. If anyone knows who designed the dress I would love to have that information.

This is what I want to wear to my Holiday Party this winter! It is pretty elaborate so I am planning ahead! I will probably have to make myself a dress like this ~ inspired by this one is what I mean. Note the red lining in the little evening wrap! I love that touch! I already have jewelry that I can wear with it. If I get it together to make such a gown!

I’m going to start recreating Suzy’s makeup looks for myself. She wore this one through most of the 1950s and 196os as her basic pale clear skinned look with bright red lipstick and matching nails, highly arched eyebrows, light coral rouge, light blue eye shadow and strong black eyeliner turned up on the outer edges. The whole face was set with loose light colored face powder. I love this ulta feminine highly polished look!

I will post a blog on how I achieve the look using currently available products! That is, How to Create a 1950’s Look Using Products From 2011.

Suzy Parks hairstyles were achieved with pin curl sets and a great deal of hairspray. I recall having seen an article where she explained how she set her hair with line art illustrations of the set and photos of herself in pin curls. I will try to locate those as well. I will not be able to put my hair up in pin curls to practice her do until I get out of the cast for my broken arm! And make it through after surgery rehab. I realize she wore French Twists and Chignons in many of her photos as well so I may have to be satisfied with myself wearing such doable styles


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2 Responses to “Suzy Parker in an Amazing Violet Dress ~ Lady Violette’s Dream Ball Gown for the Upcoming Holidays”

  1. BostonStyle says:

    Luscious dress, including the scarlet lining of the (attached?) matching stole. Creative pose and composition, too: it’s not clear quite where her feet are, and so The Dress dominates the picture.

    Looking forward to see what you do to recreate Suzy Parker’s look in 2011. Great idea!

    • violette says:

      Thank You!

      I have just posted a how to do Suzy’s 1950s makeup and discussion of her makeup style! Whew!

      I hope you enjoy it!