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Va Va Va Voom Violette! Lady Violette’s Personal Essense Actually Captured in a Bottle! ~ Tom Ford Violet Blonde Perfume

September 19th, 2011 by violette

Amazing Va Va Va Voom Violet Color!

As you might imagine I, Lady Violette de Courcy, love perfume. Real perfume! Not the weak, fake watered down stuff, but real full potency perfume. There’s been a lot of buzz about Tom Ford’s new Perfume, Violet Blonde, and I tried it today! And I’m delighted with it! I love the scent, the colors and the intensity of the ad!  I’m plum delighted with it!  Aren’t the colors in the Advertisement  Fantstic? Fantastic! It’s pure Lady Violette de Courcy captured in a bottle! It’s Va Va Va Voom Lady Violette de Courcy Actually! I collect perfumes made with violets and beautiful violet perfume bottles to house it in. It’s great to have a new one and a modern interpretation of the scent of these beautiful flowers. I put it on early this morning and I’m still enveloped in the pleasures of it at 10 this evening! I’ve enjoyed it’s various stages throughout my day. Fortunately, it is only sold at Saks and it is very expensive – which is also a good thing because not everyone will buy it and wear it! Violet Blonde is one of those special and beautiful fragrances that is only for special and beautiful people! You will have to decide if you are one of them! I know I am! I love this makeup too!


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