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Another Version of the Delight Shoe by Palter DeLiso – a Multicolori Pump

July 29th, 2011 by violette

Palter Deliso Muliticolori Version of the Delight Pump

This is another version/color way of the Delight shoe by Palter DeLiso. This one is made of embroidered black eyelet fabric piped in black leather and has a black leather heel. It is a size 7.5 Medium. Luckily this pair actually fits me! I have worn these and they are actually delightfully comfortable which I think accounts for the name of the last. The eyelet fabric has little holes in it so you get a nice bit of ventilation and your feet do not get overly hot! It is like having a little air conditioning for your feet! You can see the light shining through the little eyelet holes in the photograph.

Note the Eyelet Fabric and the Colored Embrodery

The shoe is very well made, by hand of course, and when you have the right size, as I do with this pair, it is not too pointed or torturously tight!

I found it to be a well designed, well made shoe that could actually be worn all day! The heel is about 3 inches high.

I think this elegant shoe is from the mid 1950’s. If anyone knows for sure please let me know. I am working on correctly dating all the vintage shoes in my collection. There are a lot of them so it will take some time!

Note the way the color pattern of the fabric falls in different areas on the two shoes in the picture. I like that difference in this pair of shoes! I think it gives them a unique personality.

I wonder what outfit the original owner wore them with. Was it solid black? Or a mix of black and the colors in the shoes? They would be stunning worn with black dupioni silk or a base of black and a solid colored silk jacket – one of the colors in the shoes, like the red, perhaps  – then accented the ensemble with jewelry that coordinated with some of  the shoe colors. The embroidery threads used on the shoes are definitely jewel toned and are a bit shiny in person which adds to their elegance!



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