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Lady Violette Single Handedly Vows to Bring Colorful Gloves Back in Style!

March 8th, 2011 by violette

Flower Colored Vintage Gloves From the 1950's

Gloves were made in all colors in the 1950’s and came in all kinds of fabrics and styles… You could really pick a glove like you could pick a flower! And wear it as an accent to your outfit every day like a corsage!

There was something available to go with every mood and every ensemble…

They were like beautiful colorful flowers!

I have arranged my collection of vintage circa 1950’s ¬†gloves in gorgeous spring colors in a straw basket so I can easily pick a pair to accent an outfit.

Why not think of them as art as well and put them out where they can be seen and enjoyed as interior decor?

The colors are amazing! In this arrangement alone there are Lilac, Violet, Periwinkle, Bluebell, Lavender, Apple Blossom, Azalea. Rose, Cyclamen, Honeysuckle, Queen Anne’s Lace, Bells of Ireland, Mint, Dahlia, Tulip, Iris, Buttercup, Goldenrod, Delphinium, and more…

You see? Just like flowers! And there are many more varieties to be had! Why did women stop wearing pretty gloves? They were so attractive and so entertaining! Beautiful hands were a tremendous asset to women in bygone eras. They continue to be so today, its just that not many people take notice of them. However, if you wear a attractive glove or an elegant ring or colorful nail polish and take good care of your hands people will respond to them  in a positive manner. I have experimented with this and proven it to be so for myself. Why not try it and see what happens? It is another one of those Feminine Arts we so badly need to revive! For our own pleasure and well being!

I have found most of my gloves in thrift stores. I have dyed pure white ones, or slightly dingy with age white ones, pretty colors in the washing machine using Ritt dye. It is very easy to do. And it is not messy at all. You can throw in some lingerie and dye it to match at the same time as well. Vintage cotton and nylon dyes beautifully and easily. You an even over dye prints and get some very interesting effects.

You can find new gloves in bridal shops and costume supply stores. Bridal shops carry many colors in satins and laces to go with brides and bridesmaids dresses. The bridesmaids ones are usually very reasonably priced. You can decorate your gloves with little buttons or ribbons or beads. Let’s bring pretty gloves back and enjoy ourselves!

Easter ~ therefore Spring ~ has always been a traditional time to wear a new hat and a pair of gloves. If you don’t celebrate Easter you can always celebrate Spring! Celebrate the beauty of nature, the fruit tress coming into bloom, bulbs coming up and flowers blossoming… Join them in being colorful! They will love it!



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2 Responses to “Lady Violette Single Handedly Vows to Bring Colorful Gloves Back in Style!”

  1. Patty Ruland says:

    I love this article–as I searched for a 50s pattern for a mother-of-the-bride dress for me, I noticed gloves sketched into the illustrations. So, I googled and found this site! The display idea in the shape of a flower is brilliant. I will start collecting pretty gloves myself! And, wearing them, too!

    • violette says:

      Patty, I’m delighted that you too love gloves! If you find some cool ones send me pictures! I would love to see them. I was in a thrift store yesterday and a little girl about 9 was buying a pair of elbow length white ones with pearly buttons – just because she liked them! Great isn’t it?