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The White Shawl “Scrunched” to make a Fresh Stylized Flower Blooming in the Cold and Snowy Dead of Winter!

February 25th, 2011 by violette

White Shawl with Schrunchy Flower Styled by Tricia James

Here is yet another variation on the same basic wrap of the white shawl – this time “Scrunched” with a brown taffeta hair scrunchy. This flowery variation blew me away!

Tricia took a cloth covered hair scrunchy edged in beads, and pulled a section of the shawl through it, then fanned it out to create a Stylized Flower on one shoulder. After shaping it with her fingers she secured the “flower” with one corsage sized long straight pin, hiding the pearl pin head in the folds of the flower.

It is snowing outside and this is a way you can make and wear a fresh flower corsage in spite of the weather! And what a clever way to actually use that stack of seldom worn hair scrunchies made of pretty fabrics that have accumulated in a drawer! I must have 1/2 a dozen of them in various colors that I am now excited to try out as flowers on scarves!

Tricia will come back next week to help me write up directions for tying and styling these scarves which I will then post for you to follow. Meanwhile you can visit International Scarf Stylist Tricia James at

I am going to make myself some hair scrunchies  just for the purpose of wearing them as cloth shawl flowers. This seems like a great way to utilize a small bit of pretty fabric, doesn’t it? When I figure out how to make them I will post the instructions as well.


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