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The Red Shoes & Berry Colors

February 22nd, 2011 by violette

The Red Satin Shoes

Here is another view of the red satin shoes and the Princess WOW! Costume design project. I wanted to show the graceful lines of this elegant pump. And the rich red color against the magenta fabric I am using in the skirt along with the giant paisley print. The scalloped sides of the shoe are flattering to the feminine ankle, as is the graceful 3″ heel.

This style shoe was initially created by Christian Dior to flatter the feminine foot and ankle. He used them in his New Look Collection right after World War II and they have been around, in one version after another ever since. The lines are classic and a girl can never have too many of them in her personal shoe collection. Contrary to popular belief this is not an uncomfortable shoe style. If they fit you properly they are comfortable.

I love red shoes in general. I think they can be worn with many things. Here I am showing you a color combination I really like – bright shiny red with bougainvillea magenta pink! Luscious! Berry colors! Flower colors! Lady Violette Colors! Amazingly beautiful colors!

Outside, it is cold and grey, overcast and foreboding… and getting colder! Inside I am sewing, in my kitchen, surrounded by the pinks and reds in this project and four blooming African violet plants… Snow is predicted later in the week…


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