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Vintage Fur of the Week – Circa 1940’s Leopard Swing Coat

February 9th, 2011 by violette

Real Leopard Fur 1940's Swing Coat

Yes, it is the real thing! A genuine leopard fur jacket! And it is absolutely beautiful! I inherited this amazing 1940’s swing style jacket. This is now an endangered species and it is illegal to kill any current day leopards or to sell their coats, be they old or new; or to keep leopards as pets. They do not do well in captivity –  usually ending up dead on the couch. The only way you can own one, (that is a coat) legally, is if you happen to have inherited it from a family member, as I did. Because this coat was made many years ago I feel it is now most respectful to the animals whose pelts are in it to take good care of the coat, (thus what is left of them!) use it and appreciate its beauty, and tell modern people about the current dilemmas of the leopard species. I use my coat, out of respect for those beautiful animals, and as a teaching tool to increase public awareness in their present day plight. FYI they are hard to find, hard to care for, and it is illegal to trade in them. You cannot legally buy or sell them or carry them over state lines. You cannot import them from one country to another. There is a lot of interesting information pertaining to this topic online. Please, go there and read about it. You will find it fascinating and receive an education!

Leopard on Wikipedia

Endangered Species Handbook

Trade in Endangered Species

eBay Guides – Leopard – Endangered Fur Guidelines

This Old Fur

Meanwhile, if you would like a real fur coat, consider the humane act of adopting an old one from a thrift shop, and renovating it or remodeling it a bit if needed. You can easily find lovely vintage fur coats at reasonable prices in thrift stores, consignment shops and estate sales, that need rescuing, and love and will transform you into a Hollywood Film Goddess of yester year. I never buy new furs accessories or new fur coats. I rescue old ones and care for them out of respect for the animals who gave their lives to make them. In a small way I make them live again. A high quality used fur coat will last for many years if properly cared for. I feel it is better to love and cherish a vintage fur for the duration of its useful life than to abandon it. I want to make sure it is understood that I only collect, use and show on my blog vintage fur coats and accessories because these fur items already exist.

I particularly like The Ritz Fur Shop in New York City. They have a great vintage ad on their website. in which a beautiful mysterious woman visits their shop to buy a used fur and leaves looking and feeling like a million without spending a million!

“Vintage Furs are Fabulous!” is one of my favorite personal slogans! I will be sharing examples of fabulous vintage furs with you through photographs in the weeks to come. And I will write another blog entry soon regarding vintage fur collecting and endangered species.


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