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Lady Violette’s Personal Flowers

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Madame Violet Roses symbolize Creativity in the Language of Flowers

I believe that everyone should have a personal flower, or several, and I encourage you to choose your own. Flowers have been assigned traditional meanings which can be found in lists or dictionaries of the Language of Flowers. I have two, the Violet, of course, and the Madame Violet Rose. The Madame Violet Rose was newer and had not yet been assigned a meaning, when I chose it, therefore I assigned it one. That is Creativity. It is perfectly fine for you to choose a meaning for a newer flower if a traditional one does not already exist. After all, that is how all of them originally acquired their meanings!  Someone assigned them to them. It is fun to have a personal flower. It is like having a special signature. Your personal flower is symbolic of you! And it adds beauty and mystery to your life.