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Wearing Vintage Furs and the Controversies Surrounding Them: Is Fur Making a Comeback?

May 17th, 2024 by violette

Today I came across this wonderful article discussing the wearing of Vintage Fur : I recommend reading it as it clears up a lot of issues surrounding real fur, recycled vintage furs, fake fur, newly produced furs and the fur industry in general. 

You will find it quite informative. The title: Is Fur Making a Comeback?

I also recommend digging further into the many surrounding issues discussed and reading the other links in the article. 

Everyone will come to their own conclusions! I, for one, will continue to wear and promote the wearing and enjoyment of vintage furs! 

Many thanks to Barbara Koich “The FUR Lady” for sending me this article!

Barb also carries vintage and recycled furs in her Etsy shop.

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