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And The Bride Wore ~ Violet! The Lovely Dita Von Teese’s Violet Wedding Dress by Vivienne Westwood

October 25th, 2011 by violette

Dita Descending the Stairs in Her Gorgeous Vivian Westwood Violet Wedding Gown in Her 2006 Wedding

I loved Dita’s wedding dress! The photo is by Hammish Marsh for Vogue March 2006 in an article titled The Bride Wore Purple. The dress is by Vivian Westwood. Dita looked fabulous, as usual, but the groom? God! I’ve forgotten him already! So has she fortunately! I think she just wanted an excuse to wear this dress! And there aren’t many occasions in which to dress up these days, so, she had to create one. It was a magnificent publicity stunt!

She looks magnificent in purple which she wear often. I’m glad she came to her senses as quickly as she did and dumped the creep! I’ll be showing more of her beautiful purple gowns and vintage violet get ups soon. I just love Dita and her great clothes/ costumes. Wouldn’t it be fun if everyone dressed like she does?



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