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Blue Sneaker Influenced Stiletto Pumps Designed by GFJ From Italy

August 13th, 2011 by violette

Stiletto Sneaker Pump by GFJ of Italy

Here is a wicked find! An unusual combination between a stiletto pump and a sneaker make in Italy by GFJ out of blue leather and a combination of interesting man made materials. Very high style! This shoe isn’t terribly old, but I have no information on the date it was made – yet. (I am hoping someone reading this will  be able to provide me with more information.)

I rescued this lovely pair from a thrift store! I have seen one other pair of shoes similar to this made by this company. It was done in black leather as a stiletto mule with white stitching in a similar vamp style. I have also seen an elegant cream mule in a completely different style under the same label. I have searched the web for more information on GFJ to no avail. Whoever it is she or he are definitely talented shoe designers and I would love to know more about them and where one could find more of their work.

Tres Sportif Details on the Blue GFJ Stilettos

I love the way this designer has combined the elements of sport shoes with the elements of classic stilettos – the stripes on the sides, the light colored top stitching, the man made beige material – probably nylon – used on the sides of the shoes and the corrugated rubber soles with the stacked leather heels, lines of an elegant  1950’s pump, dainty straps and small buckle trim, and the beautiful blue color! It is copen blue which is a rare shade nowadays but was quite popular in the 1950’s. It reminds me of the 50’s for that reason but also seems well suited to the sporty exercise clothes currently in style.  They look good with both capri pants and short skirts. And I like to wear them with a 3/4 length blue and white flower printed retro trench coat.

Beautiful Copen Blue Coloring Borrowed From the 1950's

These appeal to me for spring and summer casual dress up wear. They are well made in Italy of the blue leather, with a leather lining and a suede lined heel, and the stacked leather heel as well which is real, not an imitation. The man made materials are used as creative design elements in this case rather than cost cutting materials.

Delightfully different and fun to wear! I get a lot of interesting comments and questions on this unusual pair!

If you know more about the GJF company or their designers I’d like you to share the information with me. I’ve not been able to find anymore info on them.


This pair of shoes was inspiring and fun to photograph. They cooperated! They have attitude, obviously! And shoes with attitude love to showoff!

The photos are by Fredric Lehrman styled by Violette de Courcy.

The Designer Even Achieved the Cute Turned Up Toe of a 50's Stiletto to Perfection!



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