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” Real Flowers are Always Best!” for Wearing in Your Hair!

February 17th, 2011 by violette

"She Wants Real Flowers Now!"

Here is a lovely 3 year old Coco showing us her latest favorite way to wear flowers! In her hair! She loves to put pretty decorations in her hair and is always experimenting. Upon request I made her a collection of hair ornaments using ribbons made into little flowers attached to clips. A big hit! And very easy to do. I’ll post a picture soon.

For inspiration we looked at some pictures of the film actress Dorothy Lamour who was famous for wearing flowers in her long brown hair as well as necklaces, called leis, which are made of real flowers and are worn in Tahiti and Hawaii. Dorothy was very beautiful and in her vintage flower printed  sarongs, with big tropical flowers tucked behind her ear.

So Coco wants real flowers now! Here she is with real flowers in her hair! So inspirational and pretty!  A real one is always best!  And the inclusion of a couple of buds is lovely and so artistic! They can often be had easily and free from your own garden or picked from an overhanging rosebush in a nearby alley. This one happens to be a morning glory from a vine down the street that some might consider a weed. We see it as an exquisite art deco embellishment!

Children often have great style and fashion tips to offer which seem to come to them quite naturally. They are great with color and offbeat combinations. One can learn a lot and have a lot of fun dressing them and dressing up with them. And looking for costumes and children’s vintage clothing for them! I’ve found quite a few interesting old children’s things and given them new life! Look forward to seeing some in future postings…


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