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Lady Violette’s Lavender Orange Cosmo

February 8th, 2011 by violette

Lady Violette's Lavender Orange Cosmo

An elegant fruit and flower cocktail created by Lady Violette with the lavender liquor Parfait Amour and delicately scented with orange blossoms via a whisper of Absolute Mandarin…


Absolute Mandarin – 1.5 oz

Parfait Amour  – .5 oz

Fresh Lime Sour  – 1 oz

Cranberry Juice – 1 oz

Shake and Pour.

Serve in a martini glass with a Lavender Sugar rim. Garnish with two slices of fresh orange with the peel. Decorate with a sprig of fresh lavender in summer and an edible orange blossom or orange pansy or viola flower float when in season.  A cocktail as visually delicious as it tastes! Enjoy!

This was inspired by the Lavender Cosmo I tasted at the Northgate Stanford’s Restaurant in Seattle, WA, where you can try their version if you don’t want to make your own. I took their listed ingredients and tweaked it to come up with Lady Violette’s Lavender Orange Cosmo. Upon inquiring I found that all the restaurants in their chain serve their Stanford’s Lavender Cosmo. They were unable to tell me who originally invented their recipe but I will be happy to list that credit if I do find out. It was also delicious! So delicious I was inspired to come home and create my own version!


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