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The Flower Child Gown for Princess WOW! Summer 2011 NYC Concert ~ Designed by Lady Violette de Courcy

May 1st, 2011 by violette

Empire Waist/Long Lean Lines

I have finished the two dresses for Princess WOWS! upcoming summer 2011 Concert…

Slit/Double Layer Skirt

These are the final photos of the sleeveless dress, officially known as the Princess WOW! Flower Child Gown that I have taken as my record of this dress and the details of the design.

Skirt Moves Freely

I keep a record of every angle for myself.

That’s why I have so many pictures here

I thought I’d share them as I am sending the dress to the palace on Monday!


Enjoy my weird graphics here! I’ll never be able to achieve this effect again. It just happened – a late night phenomena – which I will never be able to repeat!

Bodice Details of Handmade Ribbon Flowers, Hand Sewn Beads, & Sequins


Overlapping Bodice Back

Ribbons at Sides Adjust Waist













Necklace by Lady Violette Compliments Dress


Sewing Studio ~ The Final Fitting


Blowing in the Breeze






Parting Shots


On the Way to NY




Bon Voyage!











Cool, huh? It’s 3:45AM but I’m liking this unusual juxtaposition so it stays!

























































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2 Responses to “The Flower Child Gown for Princess WOW! Summer 2011 NYC Concert ~ Designed by Lady Violette de Courcy”

  1. Wonderful photos of my dress! Thanks for all of your love and support for our upcoming concerts and events late summer! I am so looking forward to receiving them! I must find the right wig, and make the right hat!

    • violette says:

      Princess Wow! – I am so glad you like it! It is on it’s way to you Fed Ex as of today! You have time to find all the accessories which is good! Enjoy!

      And be sure to send me pictures off what you decide to wear with it to complete the outfit!

      XXOO Lady Violette

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